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About Us

The Bohemian Brands creates a culture of mindful living, through creative partnerships. We speak fluently in the tongue of the nomad and work with artisans to bring our visions to reality.

Each brand centers around a form of self-care. From sharing the best dishes by Atlanta’s favorite chefs, to partnering with artisans to design global goods, our aim is to curate aspirational spaces for timeless moments.

We are here to give you a roadmap to becoming a global citizen. We live the belief of Robert Louis Stevenson, that “There are no foreign lands, it is only the traveler that is foreign.” We invite you to explore each of our brands and bask in the moments that resonate with you the most.


Best friends first and business partners second, Vanessa Coore Vernon and Morgan Ashley came together fusing their separate ventures to create The Bohemian Brands.

Vanessa, a Global Collaborator started Bazaar Bohemian in 2013 as a personal social media page. Over time it grew into a way to show appreciation for artisans and experiences she encountered on her travels around the world. This opened doors to finding her tribe with every new passport stamp. As it developed organically the importance of representation reinforced the fire to grow this initiative on a larger scale.

Morgan, a self-proclaimed Local Food and Restaurant Advocate started Bohemian Eats in 2015 as a friend’s guide to restaurants in and around Atlanta.” The goal of bringing the community back to the table, where memories are created and savored for years to come, is an integral part of feeding the soul. Morgan connects with connoisseurs of flavor to tell their stories and inspire people to diversify their palette. The loyal support of Atlanta businesses and residents proved that this was a necessary initiative that’s growing far beyond the borders of the city.

Collectively their journey has magnified the need for intersectional spaces striving for a greater good. Become part of the journey by following The Bohemian Brands and learning more about each one and how you can contribute to the vision.